Sunday, June 14, 2009

Downtown Beloit Street Scene

sold 9x12 oil

Here I am painting again thanks to local Beloit Photographer John Spates. The sun came out and brightened up the colors after this photo was taken.

I entered this painting in the Plein air paint out competition and it sold at the reception. I have a soft spot for small town shops as I had one for 13 years. I also really like the skyline of these old buildings. The store on the far left is the Villager frame shop, I felt like I was painting my own store in some ways. Nice closure for me.

Brown Swiss headquarters

available for sale 9x12 oil on panel $200 framed $100 unframed When I was driving around Beloit, looking for places to paint, this building caught my eye because it looked like an old boathouse from my childhood at my Grandparents cabin. Getting to the edge of the river to paint this painting took me through a maze of warehouses and no trespassing signs. I found an employee at the Box Company to ask permission to paint this scene. When I was done, everyone had gone home and there was a huge metal gate across the exit. My Mother would have fainted if she knew I was in an industrial park by myself at 8:00 at night. The gate opened as I approached, as the employee had promised, and I was really, really glad it did. This painting can be purchased at the Villager Art Gallery in Beloit until the end of July. 608-365-6007

Beloit Farmer's Market

sold 9x12 oil on panel

Beloit has a great Farmer's Market on Saturday's. They block off two of their downtown streets and fill them with Venders and Customers. I was amazed by the amount of dogs there, I found out that two nearby Farmers' markets do not allow dogs, so dog owners from miles around go to the Beloit Market to buy their veggies and to show off their pooches. This particular booth was owned by a longstanding vegetable vender who had broken his leg at 80 years old. His two daughters were filling in for him and I could tell he was well liked by all of the well wishes his customers were sending him. I could also tell it was killing him not to be there because he kept calling and getting updates on sales! His red headed daughter bought this painting as a surprise for him.

Sunset Mallards

available for sale 9x12 oil on panel $200 framed $100 unframed These two ducks were very active preeners, the female never stopped moving and fluffing.
It was beautiful to see the sunlight through their feathers and all the colors in the water. This painting is for sale at the Villager Art Gallery in Beloit until the end of July 608-365-6007.

Friday's in the Park - Blues music

available for sale 9x12 oil on panel $200.oo framed $100 unframed

Here I am painting last weekend in Beloit WI while listening to great blues music. The town is working hard to improve it's image and it is working. Local Photographer John Spates took this photo of me while I painted.

I entered this one in the Plein air paintout competition and is available for sale until the end of July in Beloit at the Villager Art Gallery and Fabulous Framing 608-365-6007.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blooming together

watercolor 13x17 -sold
For today, here is a watercolor I painted on an Amish farm I call "Fannies". In the pond there are 2 enormous orange goldfish that surface often. I found the two blooming trees charming, as if they were an old married couple who sits atop the hill and have seen many seasons together.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tourquoise umbrella

available for sale 9x12 oil $50 unframed
Last week we were rained out and this week we had beautiful weather at Monica and Brian Woody's house. Their daughter Loran graciously posed for us.